Premises and machinery


•    Area of 6000 m²
•    Hook height 11m
•    Main door 12mx12m
•    Spraying machine 21mx8m
•    Cold store 1000m2 machinery

Cutting and burning machines

•    Guillotine 6000mm
•    Fine Radial Plasma 2500x6500mm (max 40mm)
•    Automatic storage 35,000kg
•    Band saw
•    Band saw curved

Sheet metal working machines

•    Edge press F 400 tn
•    Multiple dummies (wt 15mm, max. 6m)
•    End edge bending machine
•    Bending machine bending equipment 6m

Machining Hardware

•    Plate beveling equipment
•    Lathes 2pcs
•    Radial arm
•    Surface grinding line for swivel bodies

Welding equipment

•    Welding clamp with plasma current source
•    Welding tower with plasma and powder arc power supply
•    Flat welding with powder arc current
•    Orbital welding equipment for pipes
•    Personal welding equipment

Welding Processes

•    MIG / MAG
•    TIG
•    SAW
•    plasma Welding
•    orbital

Comprehensive method tests, strong knowledge and experience.


•    Stainless, acid resistant, Duplex, SMO, Titanium and other bright special materials
•    Immediately stock over 100 tons of materials

Inspections and testing

•    Visual inspection
•    Measuring and dimensioning inspection
•    Penetrant
•    Radiographic examination
•    Water pressure tests and leak checks